California Speedway One of NASCARs Greatest New Tracks - One of the latest and greatest of all NASCAR tracks is the one you will find in charming Fontana, California.

Austria vs Croatia - Vienna, Austria 05.

Cant Afford a Great Metal Detector Just Be One - Dowsing, also known as divining, is the practice of finding water, minerals, caves, missing items or people, and locating illnesses in the body using tools such as pendulums and maps or two L shaped or forked sticks.

Cycling since the beginning - There are some facts that indicate the bicycle appeared since the early Egyptian civilizations, but the origin in modern times was found in Germany in 1817.

Magic Johnson Bio Part - Johnson announced his return to basketball for the 1992-93 season, though after practicing during the preseason, he opted out of seasonal play and went back into retirement.

Dumber Than You Think - I?m sure the majority of people out there tune in to your favorite sports radio shows or NFL draft specials on TV and just assume that the countless number of experts actually know what they?re talking about.

Buying a Horse Hints and Tips from - Having recently been lent an original copy of the ?Treatise on the Diseases of Horses? written by William Gibson, Surgeon, in 1751, it has been interesting to compare horse lore then to now.

Ice Hockey in North America - When many North Americans think of Canada they think of ice hockey.

Girls Dont Abide By The Rules - Are you planning a beach wrestling fundraiser for your club? Beach wrestling events are a fun way to raise money for your club or organization.

Free Chess Game - Chess is an indoor game that involves a lot of skill and concentration.

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