NBA games will be the only major professional sports league content available to fans in the Google Video Store. Users can browse a directory of video by category from the store or search Google’s entire collection of videos by simply entering keywords in the search box. Search results are delivered in less than half-a-second. Other content providers to Google Video include CBS' CSI, Survivor, and classic shows like The Brady Bunch; music videos from Sony BMG; and a host of other programming.

Google Video is the first open video marketplace where any video producer, large or small, can upload their content for free and distribute it how they wish. For instance, video prices are set by the content provider and can range from free to any price they set with no minimum or maximum dollar-limit. Owners also have the choice to offer their content with or without copy protection – enabling them greater control over its distribution.

Additionally, all content from Google Video can be viewed with a new player that can be downloaded for free from any playback page. It offers all the traditional playback options (play, pause, stop…) as well as a “thumbnail” navigation feature that enables users to browse through an entire video, or frames at a time, with a simple click of their mouse. The player is designed for viewing Google Video content only, it is a five-megabyte download, and is compatible with Windows XP and Windows 2000.