All-Time Great NBA Players

The NBA has proudly showcased many of the greatest athletes in sports history. From George Mikan to Magic Johnson, these are the players who have left a lasting impact on the game of basketball. We've gone back through the NBA annals and profiled some of the best to ever play the game. We'll keep adding to the profiles with additional NBA legends, so check back often!

Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem
Archibald, Nate
Arizin, Paul
Barkley, Charles
Barry, Rick
Baylor, Elgin
Bellamy, Walt
Bing, Dave
Bird, Larry
Chamberlain, Wilt
Cousy, Bob
Cowens, Dave
Cunningham, Billy

Dantley, Adrian
DeBusschere, Dave
Drexler, Clyde
English, Alex
Erving, Julius
Ewing, Patrick
Frazier, Walt
Gervin, George
Gilmore, Artis
Goodrich, Gail
Greer, Hal
Havlicek, John
Hawkins, Connie
Hayes, Elvin
Haywood, Spencer
Heinsohn, Tommy
Issel, Dan
Johnson, Dennis
Johnson, Kevin
Johnson, Magic
Jones, K.C.
Jones, Sam
Jordan, Michael
Kerr, Red
King, Bernard
Laimbeer, Bill
Lanier, Bob
Lucas, Jerry
Malone, Karl
Malone, Moses
Maravich, Pete
McAdoo, Bob
McHale, Kevin
Mikan, George
Miller, Reggie
Moncrief, Sidney
Monroe, Earl
Mullin, Chris
Murphy, Calvin
Olajuwon, Hakeem
Parish, Robert
Petrovic, Drazen
Pettit, Bob
Pippen, Scottie

Reed, Willis
Richmond, Mitch
Robertson, Oscar
Robinson, David
Russell, Bill
Schayes, Dolph
Sharman, Bill
Stockton, John
Thomas, Isiah
Thurmond, Nate
Unseld, Wes
Walker, Chet
Walton, BillWest, Jerry
Wilkens, Lenny
Wilkes, Jamaal
Wilkins, Dominique
Williams, Gus
Worthy, James