Air Hockey Table Assemblage Required

Unless you're a genuine Mr. Fix-It, assembling a toy or product for your child can be incredibly tedious, whether it's putting together a bike, helping break in sports equipment, or assembling an air hockey table. If your kid's birthday or the Holidays are fast approaching, you might be saying to yourself 'I'll get it for him/her next year.

After all, it's going to take me long enough to wrap the presents and put together everything else we bought. Putting together an air hockey table is simply too much work.".Think again.Most air hockey tables require very little assembly ? some none at all! And the ones that do include all the parts already in the box, so all you need is a spare screwdriver or two (a phillips head will usually do).

However, since the air hockey tables that do require assembly need to be flipped over, we recommend that you have at least two people put together the table. Some of the larger air hockey tables can weight as much as 150 pounds.Was a part not included? Did you lose a part? No problem! Most manufacturers will send you the part if it was not included, or if a part is broken due to use or if you somehow lose the part, the manufacturer can send you that particular part for a nominal charge. If you bought your air hockey table from a retail store, don't bother calling there and waiting on hold for six hours.

Simply call the manufacturer and they'll take care of it from there.In addition, most companies include with your purchase of a table a one or two year warranty that covers the entire table, save for light bulbs, fuses, batteries or other items that usually wear down over the course of use. That's why it's always important to take proper care of your air hockey table and keep it free from unneccessary abuse once assembled.Even if you're not great with tools, your air hockey table will be simple to assemble, so long as you follow the detailed diagrams and pictures inside the box and keep the area around you clean.

That way you won't lose anything and you'll be playing air hockey in no time at all. Good luck!.

.Blair MacGregor is the publisher and webmaster at air-Hockey-Table-Source.


By: Blair MacGregor

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