Before You Buy Hockey Skates or Bauer Hockey Skates

If you are gathering information regarding ice hockey skates then read on. Some of the most popular choices are Bauer, CCM, and Nide hockey skates. This has been a brand of choice for many years by some of the NHL's fastest skaters.

Top brands like CCM, Nike, Graf, Mission, and Easton are all good choices too. The most important features for hockey skates are heel support, graphite base, break in period, comfort latex ankle pads, durability, optimal lateral stability, insole and outsole for tighter turning ability, and Tuuk stainless steel blades for proven performance and speed.If you want to be great at striding you will want to buy the best hockey skates you can find. Fitting your foot is very important when selecting a brand. For instance when you are standing straight up in Bauer hockey skates your toes should be touching the edges at the front.

When you bend your knees into a hockey stance your toes should come off the front a little complimented by your heel staying tight in the back and the sides of the skate keeping your foot locked into position. This is known as a Bauer hockey professional custom fit that all serious players should follow.I cannot stress enough the importance of the fitting of the skate. When you are shopping ask the person selling you on the skates if they play any competitive hockey. Get a feel if they know what they are talking about and do not get sold by someone who has been through "training" with the skate manufacturer.

If they have not been in any fast paced hockey games at a competitive level then how can they possibly recommend anything that is good at all? I recommend searching for local stores that are smaller and have time to spend with you. Avoid department or outlet stores as most of these companies hire students and the cheapest labor possible and not an "expert".


.Gregg Makarowski - is an ex professional hockey player and successful internet publisher.

By: Gregg Makarowski

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