Choosing The Right Golf Shoes

I must admit?I have been playing golf for fifteen plus years and did not realize the importance of golf shoes.Golf shoes, you might have heard, are a must for most golf courses. Though this may seem true--just look at the growing number of golfers who wear custom shoes--many golf courses in fact do not require special shoes for playing. Of course, every golfer has been to at least one golf course that specifies the type of golf shoe worn.This is for great reason. The entire purpose of these golf shoes is more than to just make a fashion statement on the golf course.

For golfers, they help keep their feet secure, allowing them to take advantage of leg power during a swing and preventing slips and falls. Plus the cleats are lightweight unlike your typical sneaker.For the maintenance crews, golf cleats can represent a benefit, or a nightmare, for their golf course. Good golfers provide a bit of relief for the keepers of the green and the fairway, because good golfers wear non-cleat shoes. Yes, you heard that right. Good golfers wear either shoes that have soles that do not have spikes on them, or soles with a "suction cup" or subtle tread.

These save the green from destruction.There are so many different types of golf shoes to choose from. With all these options you should not have any problems locating the right shoe for you. They have sneakers, dress shoes, and even sandals! Try out several different kinds before purchasing. They can vary in price from $35 bucks about toward $150!.In conclusion you should wear golf shoes with the big golf cleats.

During a dry day your chances of slipping are very slim. On rainy days have a spare set of cleats that have the big bulky cleats screwed into them if it makes you feel comfortable. Just by holding off during the dry days will shave strokes off your game and save our local greens.

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