Fans Hate The Players Part II

Washington Nationals' Alfonso Soriano refused to play the outfield recently and ran into some trouble from take-no-nonsense manager, Frank Robinson. Soriano eventually relented when he received bad press and knew that Nationals' upper management would look for ways not to pay him. That woke up Ol' Alfonso.

When the common person hears such utter nonsense it makes him want to scream. Soriano is paid an absurd 10 million dollars per year to hit a ball. A person making $50,000 per year would have to work 200 years to make what Soriano makes in one year.

A little unbalanced to say the least. Thus, when the pampered player makes a stink about playing another position, huge groans come out from the populace. Play the darn position! Barry Bonds is making a run for the home run title. Of course, pressing allegations of massive steroid use by Bonds and many other players dampens this quest. Basically, he became a better home run hitter the older he got.

He also got much bigger in every way, right up to head size. To pretend he will be the "champ" when he most likely breaks this record is a sham. He could hit a million homers; it is still a bogus title for him.As usual, the fan gets hit for it in every way. True, many fans turn these people into god-like when all they do is hit and throw a ball. But the assault on the senses of the fan continues.

More money is put out to pay for guys who have less and less respect. They pray to "the green." Bogus agents who pimp themselves out to the highest bidder make the most ridiculous excuses for their clients.

Sometimes just seeing a high-school game without all the scamming is a great thing. It is just the game. No agents and no lying.

No hulking monsters going bald at young ages with bad attitudes. Just the darn game.

.Robert Carberry is a freelance writer from New York.

By: Robert Carberry

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