John The Man Reeves Pro Skateboarder Interview

Wil: Who do you ride for?.JTMR: Myself. But I endorse garage mfg.

,softrucks,ironhorse griptape, Finesse,tribal streetwear,independent, and whoever else hooks me up with product.Wil: I remember watching videos from back in the h-street era. What has changed from then till now for you as a pro skater?.Wil: Then I was on the hottest team around and I knew far less about the industry and myself, for that matter.

Now I know what is important. SKATEBOARDING.Wil: You're living in NYC right now, how is that goin and how is it different from the West Coast?.JTMR: It is going very well. Differences? Lots more people in a concentrated area.

Wil: Where did you get the nickname "the man" from?.JTMR: Primo Desiderio And it stuck when I was announced that in H-streets' Hokus Pokus video.Wil: Remember 2-fish shoes? I used to ride for them back when you and dan rogers were pros for the company.

Right now , a shoe contract is like the holy grail in skateboarding. What shoes are you rockin now?.JTMR: Whatever is free!!! Sometimes I get nikes, but I am in negotiations with duffs to be their northeast rep.

2-fish still owes me money. You know I can get a hold of them?.Wil: What's your favorite trick?.JTMR: Ollies, 360 flips.

Wil: You have a new pro model deck coming out, who is it with and could you fill in the readers about the company a little?.JTMR: I have a board coming out with graphics designed by me (hopefully) it is a softrucks board, which means it will sell as a complete practice board. I don't know if I am doing another finesse pro model.

But I just got a package from them.Wil: So, those softrucks things are pretty cool. What does it actually do to help the normal skater out there?.JTMR: They build confidence because you can learn tricks without actually moving. They also can really help skaters get mad pop; switch and regular.

They are the ultimate tool to prevent sourtoe. Get your flip on bitch!!!.Wil: What is your favorite terrain to skate? JTMR: Anything I can.Wil: Since you've been pro for so long, how do you keep up with the young kids? Does it get harder with age or do the same things still drive youthat drove you when you were a kid?.

JTMR: I just do what I want to do. I skate when I want to skate and only when it is fun. I don't worry about what other kids do. Skateboarding is something I have to do. I can't get away from it.

It keeps me sane.Wil: If someone is serious about becoming a pro skater, what would you tell them about the business world of skateboarding?.JTMR: Just skateboard. If you are good, the rest will follow in time. Young padawan.Wil: Any last words?.

JTMR: Shout out to all the homies. Open through the mindflow. Watch t.v.

with your eyes closed. And most important of all, HAVE FUN!!! SEEN!!! YA HEARD!!!.


Wil Waldon.Check out more of my articles at the leading skateboarding resource center on the web. http://www.myskatelife.


By: William Waldon

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