Luau Party Planning at Your Home for a Summertime BBQ

The traditional luau party was held as a way to celebrate and spread the wealth. As such they are usually grand affairs with whole roast pigs, fire dancers and hula dancing. However, the idea of the luau party is very popular for the exotic feel it lends to the atmosphere and many people like to have their own mini luau's at home.Of course the traditional food is a must. This includes roast pig (although you don't need to have the whole pig), poi and lots of rice. For the roast pig a little bit will probably go a long way at your party and you can probably do something simple like pork and pineapple kabobs.

The poi is mashed taro root and can probably be found at your local specialty store. Rice is popular as a side dish at luau's because of the Asian and Polynesian influences from settlers who came to Hawaii from those areas.When guests arrive at the door you want to greet them with a necklace or headress of flowers called leis. Leis are a symbol of affection and in Hawaii are given to guests and guests of honor at a dizzying array of events including high school graduation ceremonies.For an activity at your Luau why not set up a game of Limbo.

This musical game consists of two tall guys holding a straight stick horizontally for guests to pass under. As all the guests successfully pass under the stick it is lowered and the guests pass under it again. Eventually the stick gets so low that people start having trouble passing under it without falling to the ground or touching the stick. When this happens those people are out of the game.

The last one left standing is the winner and the most flexible person in the group.

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By: Gail Leino

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