Sports and Couch Potatoes Bake Well Together

In recent years, the potato has fallen on hard times. The chunky vegetable, considered to be the perfect food by many nutritional experts, has become the Rodney Dangerfield of vegetables.First, the potato was trivialized as a child's toy known as "Mr. Potato Head." Then, in the 60's it was turned into a dance fad known as the "mashed potato." Currently, the versatile vegetable is expereincing its worst indignity since the great Irish potato famine of 1845.

Its name has been linked to that notorious group of television sports addicts known as "couch potatoes." As a result, most self-respecting potatoes, too ashamed to be seen in public, are staying at the bottom of their burlap bags.Couch potatoes are easy targets for cartoonists and comedians.

We seem to have a perverse need to make jokes about people involved in situations that are more tragic than funny. the ancient Greeks understood this tendency. During their plays, actors carried masks that portrayed both comedy and tragedy.

Today, Leno and Letterman, make millions ridiculing the misfortunes of others. Conversely, Oprah has become one of the richest women in the world looking at the painful side of thses same situations.Most of us smile or chuckle when we visualize a couch potato. But for the wife and children, the sight of him taking root on the couch as he settles in for a weekend of televised sports can be disturbing. A married man who sends his weekends and evenings watching an endless procession of sports programming does so at the expense of his family.Like all children, a couch potato's kids need love and attention.

Instead, they get to observe the relationship between a man and his appliance. Young children are bewildered by this behavior. Eventually they learn to imitate his behavior or develop a feeling of distain Dad.It is important for wives to take action as soon as they recognize the problem.

Bring up the issue in a reasonable and unemotional manner. If you and your husband can communicate honestly and openly you might be able to overcome the power of the tube. At the very least, some kind of compromise should be reached.If you spend years rationalizing and ignoring the situation the roots will grow and the behavior will become entrenched. Later conversations will probably lead to defensiveness and anger on the part of the potato. He knows that to answer truthfully (I enjoy watching televised sports more that I do spending time with you and the kids) will only make maters worse.

Since neither husband or wife is usually ready to address this reality, they often go into denial. Instead of facing their communication problem directly, they look around for alternative answers that are less painful (and less true).Sometimes, wives try a different approach. Its the old "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" technique". This might work initially but seldom for very long.

Either way, the wife is likely to carry a resentment. She knows where she stands.Seeking professional help is an option but the kind of man who watches football all weekend is often the last guy who to move from the tv couch to the counselor's couch.

If the husband refuses to make any changes, the wife might decide she has tried everything and gained nothing. Having given up, she ignores him. Next, she pities him.

Finally, she divorces him.A couch potato who is at the top of his game might not even know that his wife has left until two in the morning, right after the conclusion of the Canadian National Junior one legged logrolling championships has concluded.


David Frost.

By: C. David Frost

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