Staying Close In A Paperless World

How email, virtual flowers, e-cards and reminder services can help you stay in touch.

The days of ink and paper are fast coming to an end. For a long time paper cards, letters, and memos have been used to communicate with our fellow man about everything ranging from business to birthdays, "thinking of you" to a simple "I love you". These paper novelties have kept us close with those we love and are acquainted with for decades; however, the popularity of the home computer has changed the way we stay in touch forever.

Never has it been so easy and painless to keep up to date on all the daily news of our friends, family, and even business contacts. Whether down the road or a million miles away, email has brought people together who otherwise would have no way of instant communication. No more pony express or smoke signals; we are the microwave generation and we want things NOW. Email provides instant access to keeping up with relationships that would otherwise have been impossible. Letter writing and paper cards can be costly from the various papers and postage, but the new frontier of technology has provided electronic cards and virtual flowers which carry the same punch as far as thoughtfulness with easier access and less cost. They are quick, easy and still get the message across that you are thinking of someone! We all love to get cards and flowers, but why? Because there is nothing better than knowing that we are special to someone and are being thought of.

E-cards and virtual flowers do the same thing. If you're having a bad day, imagine opening your inbox and finding a surprise of a lovely bouquet with an e-card that reads, "Just a quick note to let you know I believe in you!" The power of thoughtfulness and staying close to the ones you admire and love in this paperless world is huge. You can turn someone's bad day into an amazing day just with a few clicks of your mouse.

Technology really has made everyday life much easier. As your circle of influence increases, it becomes more and more difficult to keep up with all those birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays.

With reminder services, you can register important dates to remember in a database that will remind you within a selected period of time when the event nears. Then, simply send an e-card or a bouquet of beautiful virtual flowers reminding that special someone you're thinking of them on their special day.

Staying close, being thoughtful, and being reminded even to do so have just made life so much easier.

Life is short and this world is too big to not be sure to let them know on a regular basis just what they mean to you! In this paperless world, we don't have to sacrifice thoughtfulness for convenience thanks to modern technology.

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